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Life Change University Previews


First Baptist Nashville 108 Seventh Avenue South Nashville, Tennessee

Event Details

Come check out what is being offered for this semester of Life Change University! Our preview are:

  • Wednesday, January 29 – Prior to the Midweek Prayer Service
  • Sunday, February 2 – Following The Sanctuary Service & The Fellowship on Broadway
  • Wednesday, Februray 9 – Prior to the Midweek Prayer Service
  • Sunday, February 9  – Following The Sanctuary Service & The Fellowship on Broadway

Begins Sunday, February 9 from 5 – 7 p.m.


5 Sessions—In a world obsessed with sensationalism, not all hidden things are poisonous and dark. Some secrets are forgiven, some are covered, and some are kept between you and God. Join Beth Moore for a Living Proof Live experience as she explores the power and positives of secrets. Find out what happens when we let God teach us “wisdom in the secret heart.”

  • Audience: Women
  • Cost: $10
  • Facilitator: Judy Latham
  • Location: Room 360, Third Floor



10 Sessions—How can you better love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and STRENGTH? This class is hands-on and we will explore physical strength activities as an act of worship. Come join the fun as we “wake up” your muscle groups, and help each participant discover what a stronger body feels like, and its many benefits! Women of all ages are welcome. We will help each woman reach her next level of strength. We will incorporate medicine balls, light dumbbells, stretching, and body weight exercises: all activities you can eventually incorporate in your home routines. Wear loose, light workout clothing.

  • Audience: Women
  • Bring: Medicine ball & light dumbbells—if you have them, and water
  • Facilitator: Fran Hoogestraat
  • Location: Rainy Day Room, First Floor



12 Sessions—Pastor Frank’s Servant Warrior class combines body-weight exercises, martial arts movements, and stretching to provide a cardio workout for men. No matter if you visit the gym daily or find yourself needing a little encouragement to get moving again, there’s a challenge in this class that will help you get motivated. Newcomers are always welcome. Wear workout clothing and bring a water bottle.

***Class meets in the Broadway side of Fellowship Hall from 5 – 5:55 p.m.

  • Audience: Men
  • Cost: FREE
  • Facilitator: Pastor Frank Lewis
  • Location: Room 145, next to Fellowship Hall



6 Sessions—The Daniel Plan is a ground-breaking, healthy lifestyle program where people get better together. With love as the motivation, it’s a story of abundance, not deprivation. Relying on God’s power and the support and encouragement of friends, get ready to be transformed from the inside out.

  • Sunday Mornings, 9 a.m., Room E100A, Facilitator is Charlie Doggett
  • Sunday Evenings, 5 p.m., Room 150, Facilitator is Peter York
  • Wednesday Evenings, Facilitators are Alyssa Goins (5:30 p.m., Room E210) Nate & Chey Gethers (6 p.m., E220)



12 Sessions—This class is designed to build a systematic and comprehensive biblical worldview in the lives of believers. Each lesson looks at life from a biblical perspective, studying the very nature and character of God and how He has revealed Himself to us. Each class will consist of a video presentation taught by Dr. Del Tackett followed by group discussion about the topics and concepts presented.

  • Audience: Adults 
  • Cost: FREE
  • Location: Room 150 E, First Floor
  • Facilitator: Charlie Mitchell


CONVERSATION PEACE: The Power of Transformed Speech

by Mary Kassian with Betty Hassler

8 Sessions—This class provides practical instructions on listening, communication skills, conflict resolution, and relationship building, all based on biblical precepts. Each session includes 50 minutes of transformational Bible study, a ten-minute break, and 60 minutes of practical instruction and practice exercises.

  • Audience: Adults
  • Cost: FREE
  • Facilitator: Betty Hassler
  • Location: Room 470, Fourth Floor

Contact: Lori Towns