January 02 2014

Crow’s Corner (January 2014)

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I love the start of a new year. Options like a new Bible class or a new worship service make things seem fresh. Don’t you think so?

Twenty-thirteen has been a great year for us all—our church welcomed many new members; we adopted a Master Plan and we are making progress for Phase I construction as well as several other campus facility improvements. Jackie and I are so thankful for your prayers and encouragement during 2013 with the illness and death of my mother, and then the stress of relocating my sister Cathy.

I hope, more than anything, we can honor God with our lives in 2014 and encourage many men, women, girls, and boys toward Jesus Christ. I pray each day for revival in our church, in my life, in the life of our deacons, Bible teachers, choir members, committee members, members, and guests—please join in this prayer. With the beginning of The Fellowship on Broadway worship service, we have yet another great “front door” into First Baptist Nashville and chance to meet Christ.

Mountain Movers Men's Retreat: Stepping UP!

January 17 – 18, we start the year with a Mountain Movers retreat that will help our men be strong and courageous. We are Stepping UP! It’s not too late to join in, so contact me at!

Streaming Services & Special Events

Thank you for your generous financial and volunteer support to make our new online streaming (video/audio availability) of our Sunday morning worship services possible. Our outstanding technical staff team has worked for months to reach the point of placing live streaming on our church website. Camera and editing equipment have been installed and we are now in the testing phase! We appreciate your input and patience as we improve. You may also go directly to

Tell your friends and tune in when you are unable to attend worship (but nothing substitutes for the REAL THING and your presence). You can use this in creative ways of outreach to gather a small crowd in your office or home, sharing something about the service especially important to you.

Contact: Tom Crow