News Articles

  1. Youth Choir Mission Tour Reflections

    Thank you for your many prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support of our Youth Choir Mission Tour (YCMT) to Miami, Florida, this summer... Read More

  2. Frank and to the Point (June 2015)

    There’s a difference in counting and measuring. Counting gives us a picture of how many are in attendance, or how many joined, or even how much we gave... Read More

  3. July Midday Midweek Prayer Service

    This year, July is going to look a little different at First Baptist Nashville. Read More

  4. 2015 Vacation Bible School Recap

    VBS 2015 has ended. I did not rejoice in its ending; I had hugs left to give, and songs to sing! Read More

  5. 2015 College Graduates

    We're so proud of our 2015 college graduates! Read More

  6. Welcome, Summer Interns!

    Get to know our childrens and student intern! Read More

  7. Summer Book Review

    Smart Money Smart Kids is the newest book by Dave Ramsey; and this time, his daughter, Rachel Cruze, joins the conversation. Read More

  8. Prayers for YCMT

    Our Youth Choir Mission Tour 2015 takes us to Miami, Florida, where enriching opportunities for evangelism, ministry, exuberant worship, spiritual growth, educational/cultural experiences, fun, and fellowship await an eager group of Musicians on Mission. Read More

  9. Frank and to the Point (June 2015)

    Mile-markers on the Journey help us know where we are, how far we need to travel... Read More

  10. College Summer Bible Study

    Our college students meet Sundays at 9 a.m. in Room 470 during the summer months. Read More

  11. SBC Messengers

    Represent First Baptist Nashville at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), June 16 – 17, in Columbus, OH. Read More

  12. 2015 High School Seniors

    We are collecting note cards to present to the graduating seniors. These note cards offer a way to share memories, appreciation, encouragement, a favorite Scripture passage, or a prayer. Read More