News Articles

  1. SBC Messengers

    Represent First Baptist Nashville at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), June 16 – 17, in Columbus, OH. Read More

  2. 2015 High School Seniors

    We are collecting note cards to present to the graduating seniors. These note cards offer a way to share memories, appreciation, encouragement, a favorite Scripture passage, or a prayer. Read More

  3. Frank & to the Point (May 2015)

    What we used to call Sunday School we now call Bible Study. Our Bible Study needs some attention. We need to start with two things—space and leadership... Read More

  4. First Cares Ministry

    At any one time, we have 50 people who need the ministry of the church at their residence because they cannot attend services at First Baptist Nashville. Read More

  5. 2015 Music Ministry Intern

    We are fortunate to have Mr. Adam Cogliano serving as an intern in our Church Music Ministry this summer... Read More

  6. Nashville Summer Activities

    With warmer weather and schools out until August, you may be looking for some fun, family-friendly ideas for the summer months. Your Family Enrichment Committee has a few nearby ideas: Read More

  7. Annie Get Your Gun Thank You

    Thank you, Church Family, for your support of our Youth Choir Mission Tour this summer through the Winter Gala production of Annie Get Your Gun and the Silent Auction. Read More

  8. Frank and to the Point (April 2015)

    We will explore the words of Jesus, Paul, and John as we find ourselves reminded of the Mysterious Promise, Faith’s Reward, and Our Glorious Hope in three different but significant passages on Resurrection Promises for Gospel People. Read More

  9. Rightnow Media

    First Baptist Nashville offers our members access to “The Netflix of video Bible studies.” Read More

  10. Easter 2015 Devotionals

    For centuries, devout Jewish families have observed Passover, the celebration of God’s redemption of His people from Egyptian bondage. For Christians, though, Passover also holds a special significance as we celebrate the death and resurrection of… Read More

  11. Frank and to the Point (April 2015)

    The Year of Our Spiritual Journey continues as we begin the walk towards Easter. These weeks are generally set aside for a time of self examination and repentance... Read More

  12. Familyfest Mission Trip

    This year’s Familyfest Mission Trip is July 18 – 22. The 2015 Familyfest will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis is the 12th largest city in the country. Indianapolis is an international city with 74 different people groups, all in need… Read More