Our Stories

While visiting and attending a new church can be an intimidating experience, take comfort in this - every one of our members and regular attendees was once in your shoes. Our congregation is full of vibrant and diverse people who are seeking the same thing you are - fellowship with fellow believers in Christ.

What better way to learn about our church than to hear the stories of those who have found what they're looking for in our congregation?

These are their stories ... and in turn, Our Stories as well.

'Exactly where I need to be'

“I moved to Nashville just about a year ago and met Corina through work last May. She has been asking me to join her at First Baptist since we met. It took only one Sunday for [my son] Sawyer to decide that he loved his class, especially Miss Nancy, and we have been back nearly every Sunday since. As a mom that wants to raise her son in church, his happiness and desire to be there is my biggest motivation. ... I have also been participating in Corina’s Single Parent Class and believe it is exactly where I need to be. She and the rest of the class are just the best kind of people and it is wonderful that you have a class targeted for parents in my situation. I find myself looking at my watch in class hoping time is moving slowly so that we all have more time to grow together and learn from one another.” 

- Julie Robinson

'I fell in love with the church on Seventh and Broadway'

“I came to First Baptist Nashville when I moved here for graduate school. I was overwhelmed with the number of church options in Nashville, but I fell in love with the church on Seventh and Broadway. I am involved with the youth group, a Wednesday night women’s Bible study, and The Well (a Sunday School class for young professionals). First Baptist may be a large church, but it is a community led by a team of praying, genuine, and faithful pastors, and an environment consisting of people who love each other and love Jesus.”

- Sonia Brady

'Powerful ministries for senior adults'

“I first came to First Baptist Nashville as a child with my parents when we lived in East Nashville from 1947-50. I came back as a single adult in 1970 and began my career at the Baptist Sunday School Board and I felt welcomed and warmly accepted by the Single Adult Sunday School Class. I am now a life deacon and church treasurer. My wife, Carol Ann, and I are members of the Encouragers Class, and we participate in the Family Mission Trip every year. Our oldest son and his family are also members. I recommend First Baptist Nashville without reservation to retirement-age adults because of its powerful ministries for senior adults and inspirational worship services.”

- Jim Shull

'A warm, encouraging, and fun community of people'

“We moved to Nashville as newlyweds in the summer of 2006 and immediately began our search for a church home … after our initial Sunday morning visit, we decided to look no further. We quickly became acquainted with various staff members as well as with other couples our age, and found all of them to be a warm, encouraging, and fun community of people. Having welcomed three babies since our arrival here, our family has also been blessed by the children’s ministry at First Baptist. … Week after week, we are blessed by the talents of our pastors and musicians and the messages they provide through word and song, and we’re increasingly grateful to be a part of a congregation that is encouraged to dig deep in scripture, be vigilant in prayer, and put others’ needs before their own, as well as for the friends that we can be “real” with as we navigate marriage, parenthood, and life together. First Baptist is large and diverse in membership, but truly feels more like an intimate extended family.”

-Derek and Meredith Rodriguez