News Updates

  1. Helping Others

    My running friends and I stop and collect coins we find while running. Over a period of time, we have collected a large amount of money, and… Read More

  2. Frank and to the Point (August 2014)

    Forty years ago this month, while I was sitting in the church I attended as a child, the Holy Spirit of God began to stir in my heart in a way… Read More

  3. An Invitation to Join the Sanctuary Choir

    Eight years ago, our family was led to First Baptist Nashville. There were many factors behind our decision. One factor was the strong pulpit… Read More

  1. Exciting Times for Older Adults at First

    This has been an exciting year for older adults at First Baptist Nashville. The remainder of 2014 will continue to be… Read More

  2. Fall Kickoff Extravaganza

    Children age 3 – grade 6 and their parents are invited to a fun-filled evening of activities as they meet their teachers for the new school… Read More

  3. Welcome to Our Missionary Residence

    Dano and Melinda Whited are in our home in Franklin until early November. He was a pilot in the Navy when both felt a call to missions but were… Read More

  1. 2014 Youth Choir Mission Tour Thank You

    Thank you for your many prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support of our Youth Choir Mission Tour to San Antonio, Texas, this summer... Read More

  2. Crow’s Corner (August 2014)

    We are leading people to discover Christ through First Baptist Nashville ministries; our First Baptist Nashville campus tells a story and helps… Read More

  3. Shower for Vicky Gomski & Gregory Lewis

    Please join us for a dessert shower honoring Vicky Gomski and Gregory Lewis on Sunday, July 20. Read More

  1. Welcome Back to School

    In a few weeks, the school bells across America will ring and the excitement of a new school year will begin. As a classroom teacher, I rarely… Read More

  2. Frank and to the Point (July 2014)

    The certainty by which he faced uncertain times grew out of a faith walk with God that we can enjoy today. Be safe as you travel, and stay connected… Read More

  3. VBS 2014: THANK YOU!

    486 D3 agents traced it back to just the facts, and the evidence is clear ... VBS 2014 was SPYtacular! Read More